Koechner's Euthanizing Device Click here to download directions.

Any bird that is unable to walk to feed and water and is being picked on by other birds, should be removed from the flock and euthanized without delay.
Directions for euthanasia using Koechner's Euthanizing Device:
1) Make a determination if euthanasia is necessary and remove the bird from the flock.
2) Approach bird from behind quietly without disturbing the bird.
3) Slip the open jaws of the KED around the neck of the bird without touching the bird. The side with the double angle should be under the cheek of the bird in the part of the neck covered with feather and the single side blade should be positioned straight up from the top of the neck at the base of the skull.
4) Ease the jaws close until the blades are in light contact with the bird.
5) When the single blade is directly upon the base of the top of the neck and perpendicular to the head, quickly bring the handles together until a "pop" is felt; meaning that the neck has been dislocated.
6) Remove the jaws from around the bird's neck and step back from the bird.
7) Confirm that the bird is completely dead before moving the bird towards final disposal.

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